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Application Guide for Skilled Nominated (190) visa

Preparing a successful application for skilled visa nomination

The following shows the steps and information required to apply for Victorian Government visa nomination for the Skilled Nominated (190) visa.

Step 1 – Self assess

Step 2 – Eligibility

Step 3 – Documentation checklist

  • In order to complete the application form for visa nomination, a range of information and documentation is required. See the documentation checklist
  • You should only begin an online application form when you are ready with all the information you need, as you will only have 30 days to complete the application.

Step 4 – Apply for visa nomination

  • You can apply online for the Skilled Nominated (190) visa from the Apply for Visa Nomination page. Make sure you include all relevant documentation with your online application.
  • We will respond to you by email within two weeks to confirm receipt of your application and advise your reference number. The average processing time is 12 weeks.
  • You may only submit one application form for this skilled visa in a six month period.

If you are unable to apply online or for further information, contact us using these details:

Tel: +61 3 9651 9756