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Is Overseas Talent for You?

A business man with a briefcase crossing a footbridge

Why Skilled Migration?

Find out how Victoria's skilled and business migration program can assist you to meet the need of skilled workers for your business.

Before Hiring Overseas Talent

Information on finding overseas talent and visa options available for skilled workers and the employee obligations or requirements you need to consider if you employ a skilled migrant.

State Nominated Skilled Migrants

Victorian Government provides visa nomination for highly skilled and business migrants whose skills are in demand and are interested in living and working in Victoria, Australia.

Employer Obligations

Find out more about employer obligations if you employ skilled migrants or if you are sponsoring a migrant under an employer sponsored visa.

Case Study: Recruiting Health Workers

Read case study about an employer who faced difficulties while recruiting staff used the 457 visa initially now accesses the regional sponsored migration scheme and is now extremely positive about the process.