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Victorian State Visa Nomination

Victorian state visa nomination provides a mechanism for the Victorian Government to supplement the local labour market with skills that are hard to come by, and provides a pathway for some skilled migrants to migrate permanently to Australia.

Find out more about connecting with state nominated migrants on our State Nominated Skilled Migrants page.

What is state visa nomination?

The Victorian Government nominates a selection of highly skilled and employable professionals and tradespeople with occupations, skills and experience that are hard to come by in Victoria's labour market. Extensive industry consultation and labour market analysis informs the occupations and requirements for Victorian state visa nomination.

State visa nomination is not a visa application and does not guarantee that an applicant will be granted a visa. Limited nomination places are available and Victorian state visa nomination is only offered to highly skilled and employable applicants. 

Skilled visa nomination

Victoria participates in the following skilled visa nomination programs:

Victoria’s State Nomination Occupation Lists identify eligible occupations and minimum requirements to apply for state visa nomination including English language, work experience and specialisations.