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Victorian Employers and Industry

Business Development Managers

Business Development Managers are the first point of contact for businesses to access government services.

If you are a Victorian employer or industry representative, and require information about Victorian skilled and business migration services, please contact your Business Development Manager.

Business Development Managers provide a direct link to government services for Victorian businesses. They seek long-term relationships with businesses to understand the specific needs of each and to facilitate solutions. They are located at 19 sites throughout Victoria and engage with 12,000 businesses each year.

Skilled and Business Migration Program

The Skilled and Business Migration Program offers the following tools and services for employers and industry:

Skilled visa nomination

We offer visa nomination for some skilled visa applicants requiring State/Territory nomination. This gives eligible applicants additional points towards their visa application. Applicants who are already employed in Victoria may also be eligible for a more streamlined application process.

Significant Investor Services Directory

The Significant Investor Services Directory is a list of businesses in Victoria that offer financial and business support services to significant investors. If your business is in the financial services industry, you can apply to be listed.


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Understanding  overseas qualifications

To assist employers interpret overseas qualifications, our Overseas Qualifications Unit provides overseas qualified professionals who are permanently living in Victoria with an assessment of their qualifications (awarded by overseas educational institutions) against the Australian Qualifications Framework.