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Skilled Migrants

Victoria has a long history of welcoming professionals and tradespeople as skilled migrants. Skill shortages in many industries and sectors in Victoria allow skilled migrants to take advantage of a range of employment opportunities.

There is a range of pathways to permanent residence for people who want to live and work in Melbourne and regional Victoria including independent visas, state and territory nominated visas, family sponsored visas, and employer sponsored visas.

The Victorian Government supports skilled migrants through free visa nomination. Visa nomination gives eligible applicants additional points towards the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)’s General Skilled Migration points test, making it easier to obtain provisional and permanent visas.

There are two state nominated skilled visa options for people who want to live and work in Victoria:

Each of these visas provides a pathway to Australian citizenship.

Skilled visas

Access detailed information about skilled visas that you can apply for.

Apply for visa nomination

Apply for skilled visa nomination from the Victorian Government. (Note you need to register and/or login to access this information).

Occupation lists

Find out what occupations are in demand in Victoria and eligible for visa nomination by the Victorian Government.

Migrant stories

Read what people who have already migrated to Victoria have to say about living here.


Links to downloadable publications about living and working in Victoria.

Find settlement help

Find out about support services available to help you settle in to life in Victoria, Australia.