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Mail, Phone and Internet

Mail system

Australia Post runs Australia's postal system. Mail is delivered to households each week day.

Each Australian suburb and town is identified by a four-digit post code. Victorian post codes begin with the number 3. It is important to use postcodes in Australian mailing addresses.

For more details on the postal system including postage costs and the location of postal offices in Victoria, visit the Australia Post website.


In Australia, there are several telecommunications providers including Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. Providers usually offer discounts for combining your home phone, mobile phone and internet services.

Local phone calls in Australia are low cost and not timed. Higher rates can apply to long distance domestic and international phone calls and mobile phones - these calls are timed.

International rates vary from country to country and depend on your service provider and your contract. Pre-paid phone cards are often a cost-effective option for international phone calls. These cards can be purchased at newsagents, convenience store or online.

Telephone directories

The two main directories are:

  • the Yellow Pages - used for business listings and organised by category of business
  • the White Pages - used for residential and business listings, arranged alphabetically.

Telephone numbers

  • 000 is the emergency number for police, ambulance and fire brigade. This is a free call.
  • Australia's international country calling code is +61.
  • Victoria's area code is 03. When calling a Victorian number from overseas, the 0 is dropped, so the code you need to dial is 613 followed by the regular phone number.
  • Mobile phone numbers in Australia start with 04. When calling a mobile phone from outside Australia, again the 0 is dropped, so the number starts with +614, and dial the rest of the number as usual.
  • To make an international call from Australia, dial 0011 followed by the country code, the area code and then the phone number.
  • 1800 phone numbers are free calls from fixed line/home phones. Charges may apply if you call from a mobile phone.
  • 13 or 1300 phone numbers are the cost of a local call from anywhere in Australia.
  • 19 or 1900 phone numbers are premium numbers. These are charged by the minute at a higher rate that can vary from around 35c to $5 a minute.

Mobile phone services

Calls to and from mobile phones are usually more expensive than calls to and from fixed lines. There are several mobile phone service providers offering different phones and packages. Pre-paid mobile phones are also an option.


In Australia, broadband internet service is available in most metropolitan and regional areas. There are many internet service providers available across Australia and most offer packages that bundle internet services with mobile and landline services.

Further information

Visit for information and advice on phones and internet access.