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In Australia there is an open and diverse media system. There are countless sources of information. Australians have free access to public radio and television stations, and can purchase paid television through cable and on-demand internet streaming.


There are a number of radio stations available throughout Victoria. There are two bands of radio, FM and AM.

There are also a number of community radio stations that broadcast in ethnic community languages, including:

  • 3ZZZ (92.3FM) - Ethnic Public Broadcasting Association of Victoria, broadcasting in 40 different languages and representing over 60 ethnic groups
  • 3CR (855AM) - community radio broadcasting programs in 18 different languages covering music, current affairs, women’s issues and more
  • SBS (1224AM and 93.1FM) - broadcasting news and current affair programs in 68 languages.


Melbourne has both free-to-air and pay television. There are approximately 26 free-to-air television channels in Victoria.

Pay TV provides additional channels and/or movies for a monthly fee. About one third of the Australian population subscribes to pay TV.


Daily newspapers in Australia are mostly published within a single state. In Victoria, there are three major daily newspapers -  two metropolitan papers, The Age and the Herald Sun, and one national newspaper, The Australian. You can read free versions of these newspapers online:

All regional areas have their own local newspapers which can be daily or weekly such as the Ballarat Courier, Geelong Advertiser and the Bendigo Advertiser. Many local newspapers are home delivered free of charge. There are also many foreign language newspapers available throughout Melbourne. has an alphabetical listing of Victoria's regional and metropolitan newspapers.