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Arriving in Victoria Checklist

When you arrive in Australia there’s so many things to think about and do. Use this checklist to help you while you settle in Australia.

When you first arrive

First things first

  • Check into your temporary accommodation.
  • Let your friends and family at home know that you have arrived safely.

Set up communications

  • Set up a pre-paid mobile phone account.
  • Find your nearest internet service point.

Explore jobs and schools

  • Hire a car to explore Melbourne, regional Victoria and your local area, including local schools if applicable.
  • Purchase the weekend newspapers and acquaint yourself with Melbourne and regional Victoria. Here, you will also find job and property vacancies, and cars for sale.

Get the paperwork sorted

  • Apply for a tax file number and open a bank account if still required.
  • Register yourself and your family for a Medicare card if you are eligible or arrange for private health insurance.

Start serious job hunting

Settle in

  • Collect your pets from quarantine if necessary.

When you move into your new home

First things first

  • Set up utilities including phone, power, internet etc.

Build your networks

  • Contact your children’s new schools or child care provider and arrange for a progress report.
  • Introduce yourself to your new neighbours.
  • Look into social and recreational activities in your local area.
  • Register with your local library.

Increase your mobility

  • Purchase a car if required and organise registration and insurance.
  • Find out about local transport and timetables.

Keep the following original documents with you as you travel:

Identity documents

  • Passports
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage (and divorce) certificates

Employment and school documentation

  • Qualifications, Curriculum Vitae/Resume, job and employment references
  • Children’s school reports and immunisation certificates

Financial and insurance documentation

  • Verification of your credit records
  • Proof of no claim bonus for insurance purposes
  • Copies of your life and other insurances
  • A copy of your Last Will and Testament
  • Records of trusts and companies you have operated
  • Account and loan details
  • Details of your investments

Electronic records

  • Backup files for your computer.