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Search Tips

How to search the website

Basic search

To conduct a search using the basic search form:

  1. There is a Search text box on every page. Place your cursor in the text box containing the words 'Enter keyword'.
  2. Enter the keyword(s) you wish to search on and select the Search button.
  3. Your search results will be displayed ranked in order of relevance.
  4. The results screen will show 10 search results per page. Use the arrows at the bottom of the page to navigate through the results screens (alternatively, you can sort the results by the date the page was last updated, using the sorting functionality at the top of each search results screen).
  5. To access a webpage from the search results, select the page title.


When searching this website, ensure you only use alphabetical characters (a-z), spaces and asterisks.

Note that all keywords you enter will be searched for, unless you use the word 'or' between keywords, in which case webpages featuring at least one of the keywords entered will be returned in the results.

Using an asterisk allows you to search for any letters that follow the asterisk. For example, searching for migra* will return search results containing migrant, migrants, migration, etc. Note: You cannot use an asterisk symbol as the first character of a search.

Visit Google Search Help for more search tips.