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Linking Policy

The following describes and explains the Live In Victoria (LIV) policy on linking from the LIV website to other sites, and provides a procedure for organisations wishing to link to the Live In Victoria web site.

LIV encourages the use of hypertext linking to and from its website for two purposes:

1.    To enhance site visitor experience by providing access to related information; and
2.    To support organic search engine optimisation in a way that is ethical and reflects Live In Victoria business objectives.

These terms and conditions apply to all web sites external to the Victorian Government.

Links from LIV website – outbound links

Links from the LIV website generally must be related to the objectives of the Skilled and Business Migration Unit as organisations directly associated with the needs of skilled and business migrants and other related audiences.

Links related to other types of organisations may be established where it is shown to enhance the experience of visiting the LIV website and be beneficial to skilled and business migrants.

In general the LIV website will provide links to the following areas of interest:

  • Industry and business associations and societies
  • Maps and directories associated with Melbourne and Regional Victoria
  • Government departments and agencies e.g. Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  • Migration conferences, seminars and events
  • Australian immigration and legal assistance
  • Relocation assistance
  • Employment support and training
  • Lifestyle and settlement assistance.

Links to commercial organisations will generally only be provided from the LIV website to provide visitors with information about migration events and seminar third parties i.e. national or international event promoter details and associated venues. In such instances, the LIV site is not by virtue of a link endorsing a particular organisation, product or service.

LIV does not guarantee or indemnify the quality, currency, accuracy or truthfulness of any information and/or service accessed by a link to an external organisation. Inclusion of any type of link on the LIV website to an external website does not constitute an affiliation with or endorsement of that website or of the organisation it represents.

LIV is not responsible for the content, coding, programming or promotional practices of any site it may link to, including the use by other sites of cookies and other data collection or e-commerce programs.

Outbound links not permitted on LIV include:

  • to sites which conflict with the interests of skilled and business migrants, other LIV target audiences and the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR)
  • to sites which are associated with illegal activities
  • to sites which breach privacy
  • to defamatory sites and offensive sites
  • to sites deemed unsuitable at the discretion of the Skilled and Business Migration Program.