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Visas and Immigrating

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Skilled Migration Visas

An overview of the migration visas available to skilled professionals and tradespeople interested in migrating to Australia.

Nominated or Sponsored Business Visas

An overview of the migration visas available to business professionals and owners interested in migrating to Australia.

Visa Nomination for Victoria

The Victorian Government can provide visa nomination for skilled and business migrants interested in living in Victoria, Australia.

Visa Nomination Occupation Lists

See the Victorian Visa Nomination Occupation Lists to find out if your occupation is in demand and eligible for visa nomination by the Victorian Government.

How to Migrate to Australia

Find out about the process of how to migrate to Victoria, Australia. Victoria's Skilled and Business Migration Program offers assistance in a number of ways.


Find out how the SkillSelect system can be used to search for skilled workers who are interested in migrating to Australia and have submitted their EOI.

FAQs About Skilled Visa Nomination and Visas

Answers to migrant questions about skilled nominated visas offered by the Victorian Government in Australia.