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Designated Investment Bonds

Restrictions on purchasing Victorian Designated Investment Bonds

US nationals and residents

If you are a US citizen or resident, you may be restricted from purchasing Victorian Designated Investment Bonds due to securities restrictions in the US.

Sanctions against countries

The Australian Government imposes sanctions against some countries to restrict commercial activities. If you are a national of, residing in or sending funds from a country that the Australian Government has imposed sanctions against, you may not be able to purchase Victorian Designated Investment Bonds.

For up to date information on sanctioned countries, please visit the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website.

If any of the above circumstances might apply to you, we recommend that you first confirm your eligibility for Victorian Designated Investment with the Treasury Corporation of Victoria and seek independent advice prior to lodging your Expression of Interest and applying for state nomination.

Ownership of bonds and spouse swapping

If you decide to swap roles with your spouse/de facto partner at permanent visa stage (subclass 888 visa) so that they become the primary visa applicant, this may not be possible if the bonds were not held jointly by you and your spouse/de facto partner. Please take this into consideration when purchasing your Victorian Designated Investment Bonds and seek independent advice on any implications.