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Business Talent (Permanent) visa (subclass 132)

Significant Business History stream

The Business Talent (Permanent) visa (subclass 132) Significant Business History stream is a specialist visa designed for high net worth individuals, under the age of 55, with an outstanding commercial background and who intend to settle in Victoria and establish a business, which delivers ‘exceptional’ economic benefit to the state.

Assessment criteria

When you apply for Victorian visa nomination, your application is assessed against a number of criteria. The criteria below are applied to all applications.


You are required to meet the Department of Immigration and Border Protection requirements.


You must be under the age of 55.

Sufficient funds to settle in Victoria

Applicants and their dependents must have sufficient funds to settle in Victoria. Applicants are required to declare that they have sufficient funds for settlement in their Victorian visa nomination application. It is the responsibility of the applicant to research and determine the cost of living in Victoria to ensure their own financial resources are adequate for settlement. See further information on the cost of living in Victoria.

Living in Victoria

You must have a genuine commitment to establish a residence and reside in the State of Victoria as per the visa and nomination conditions.

Significant Business History

You must have attained a high degree of commercial success in one or more fields of endeavour and demonstrate how you will use your entrepreneurial skills to develop and grow a Victorian-based business.

Business in Victoria

You must undertake business activity that will provide an exceptional economic benefit to Victoria.

Factors taken into account when assessing this exceptional economic benefit include, but are not limited to:

  • introduction of new/improved technology
  • job creation/retention
  • expanding exports of value added goods and services
  • introduction of new skills
  • increasing competitiveness
  • import replacement
  • the particular industry sector involved
  • the geographic location of the business.

Not all business activity is eligible for nomination. Exclusions include:

  • passive investment
  • general importing
  • exporting of commodities and scrap metal
  • small scale freight forwarding and warehousing
  • smaller project-based property development.

Property development

If your proposed business activity relates to property development, you must meet the following additional requirements:

  • have relevant qualifications and experience (e.g. architecture, engineering, construction management)
  • the property development activity aligns with one of Victoria’s priority sector strategies
  • the minimum A$2 million capital investment does not include land purchase costs, and
  • activity must not be small scale, project-based property development.

You will be required to complete the ‘Property Development Assessment’ Form available on the Supporting Documentation and Forms page.

Business Management

You must demonstrate how you will undertake senior level day-to-day and overall strategic management of the business.

Capital Investment

Your net capital investment into the Victorian-based business will be at least A$2 million.

Business Proposal

You must provide a business proposal, supporting research and framework that demonstrates that:

  • you have reviewed and evaluated your proposed business activity thoroughly
  • the proposed business activity is high quality, from a high-calibre person.  

The business proposal is expected to be a detailed document which should include as much information as possible including:

  • relevant market research
  • market entry strategy
  • competitor analysis
  • strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis
  • projected cost analysis
  • location research
  • evidence of a joint-venture partnership (if relevant)
  • evidence of any communication with potential suppliers
  • distribution channel information
  • marketing plan
  • feasibility study
  • the role of the applicant in the business.

It is expected that you have visited Victoria and undertaken detailed market research, and consulted with relevant government agencies (where appropriate).

Visa monitoring

The principal visa holder’s activities will be monitored by both Victoria and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection 24 months after activation of a Business Talent visa. The applicant must notify the Victorian Government of any changes in their contact details and will participate in any surveys that the Victorian Government may initiate.

The visa holder must own or hold a ‘significant’ portion of an ‘eligible’ business and be able to provide evidence that they have invested their own time and continuously utilised their own skills by actively participating at a senior level in the day-to-day strategic management of that business. The visa holder must also demonstrate that they have complied with Victoria’s visa nomination conditions, signed at the time of nomination.


You need to apply for Victorian visa nomination before you make a formal application for your visa.

Applying for visa nomination from the Victorian Government is a simple process that involves three steps.

Step 1. Submit an Expression of Interest through DIBP's SkillSelect

Submit an Expression of Interest to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection through SkillSelect and nominate 'Victoria' as your preferred destination.

Step 2. Apply for visa nomination

1. Prepare your documentation by completing the following:

  • Appointment of an Agent/Representative form
  • Part B form
  • If the proposed business activity relates to export activity, complete the eCommerce and Export Business Overview form
  • If the proposed business activity relates to property development, complete the Property Development Assessment form.

All of the above are available from the Supporting Documentation and Forms page.

  • Business plan/market research.

2. Register as a user of the Live in Victoria website.

3. Apply for visa nomination online, uploading the documents when requested.

If you experience technical difficulties with your online application, please email:

Step 3. Lodge a formal visa application

The applicant will receive an email invitation from DIBP to lodge a formal visa application.

Apply for the 132 visa through DIBP.

Note that:

  • The invitation from DIBP to lodge a formal visa application is only open for a limited time and cannot be extended
  • If you do not lodge your visa application with DIBP within that time, you will not be eligible to be considered for a second state nomination for nine months.

Victorian visa nomination processing

We will confirm receipt of your application by email and provide a reference number which should be used for any future communication.

Email acknowledgement of receipt of your application will be sent within three working days.

Processing time is subject to a number of variables.  Applicants can expect an outcome within 12 weeks from the time your complete application is lodged for state nomination.

Additional information

If further clarification is required regarding your application, additional information may be requested.

Nomination outcome

You and your agent will be notified of the outcome of your state nomination application by email.

Contact Details for Investor and Business Migration

For further information or assistance with your application for Victorian visa nomination please contact:


Telephone: +61 3 9651 9756


These policies and procedures may be varied without notice. Please visit the website regularly to check for updates.