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Apply for visa nomination

Apply for Victorian visa nomination

Follow the steps below to apply for Victorian nomination of your visa application.

1. Prepare your documentation by completing and signing:

  • Appointment of an Agent/Representative form

  • Nomination Conditions form

  • State Nomination Statement form

All of the above are available from the Supporting Documentation and Forms page.

  • Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement for the past 24 months

  • Three photos of the business (external and internal), products or service.

2. Register as a user of the Live in Victoria website.

3. Apply for visa nomination online, uploading the documents and photos when requested.

Where to get technical help

If you experience technical difficulties with your online application, please email:

Victorian visa nomination processing

Processing times can vary. Applicants can expect an outcome within four weeks from the time your complete application is lodged for visa nomination.

Additional information

If further clarification is required regarding your application, additional information may be requested.

Nomination outcome

You and your agent will be notified of the outcome of your visa nomination application by email.