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Skilled Nominated (190) Visa

The Victorian Government can nominate highly skilled and employable professionals and tradespeople under the Skilled Nominated (190) visa and other visas. Visa nomination can assist you to meet the requirements for this visa. A limited number of Victorian nominated places are available for eligible applicants with occupations, skills and experience that are hard to come by in Victoria’s labour market.

On this page you’ll find information about Victorian visa nomination under the Skilled Nominated (190) visa, including:

The Skilled Nominated (190) visa is a permanent residency skilled migration visa for people with an occupation in high demand in Australia's labour market. The visa is administered by the Commonwealth Government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). Prior to applying for this visa you must be nominated by a state or territory government, or sponsored by an eligible relative living in Australia.

If you plan to lodge an application for Victorian visa nomination, you should read this information and check the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website to ensure you meet all visa eligibility requirements and for information on how to lodge your visa application.

Read more information about Victorian visa nomination and other skilled nomination visa options.

Minimum eligibility requirements

Victoria can nominate a limited number of skilled migrants annually. Minimum eligibility requirements and assessment criteria are used to select the highest calibre applicants with the greatest chance of finding employment and settling in Victoria.

Meeting the minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee Victorian Government visa nomination. Read more about how visa nomination applications are assessed.


You must apply to DIBP for the Skilled Nominated (190) visa before your 45th birthday.

English language

All applicants must have an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of at least six in each band score. Certain occupations require a higher standard of English for the purpose of state nomination - these occupations are specified on the Visa Nomination Occupation List for Victoria.

Alternative English language tests will be accepted.  Applicants should obtain the IELTS equivalent in any of the following DIBP accepted language tests: OET, TOEFL iBT, PTE Academic and Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE).

Applicants who are currently working in their nominated occupation in Victoria and have been for at least six months, may be exempt from meeting higher English language requirements and should apply for nomination.   

Please note that:

  • If you are a citizen of the USA, UK, Canada, Republic of Ireland or New Zealand, you are not required to submit an English language test.
  • If you are required to provide an English language test, you must upload a scanned copy of your test results as part of the online nomination application.


To apply for Victorian nomination under the Skilled Nominated (190) visa, your occupation must be listed on the Visa Nomination Occupation List for Victoria or the Visa Nomination Occupation List for Graduates.

Some occupations have additional work experience, English language and specialisation requirements that are noted on the Visa Nomination Occupation Lists.

If you have a PhD from a Victorian university, you may nominate any occupation that is eligible for the Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s (DIBP) IMMI 17/072 Specification of Occupations and Assessing Authorities.

Important: Not all occupations that appear on this list are eligible for the subclass 190 visa. Occupations that have a "Y" in column 4 are not eligible for the subclass 190 visa. We are unable to provide specific advice around this occupation list. Please contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for further information.

Work experience

Work experience in your nominated occupation must be post qualification. 

Check the Visa Nomination Occupation Lists for additional work experience requirements for your occupation.

International PhD graduates

The Victorian Government offers a streamlined pathway to visa nomination for international PhD graduates. Applications will be processed within two weeks, compared to the average 12 week processing time. Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements to apply. For more information visit the International Graduates page.


You must have adequate financial resources to support yourself and your dependants (if you have any) when you migrate to Victoria, or while you look for suitable employment. The Onshore Applicants table  and Offshore Applicants table show the financial resources you must have access to, to support your visa nomination application.
We do not require evidence of these financial resources.

Onshore applicants
All applicants
Australian dollars (AUD) required
Working in nominated occupation
20 000
Not working in nominated occupation
See offshore requirements
Offshore applicants
Number of dependants
Australian dollars (AUD) required
Individual applicant
30 000
35 000
40 000
50 000
60 000
70 000
6 or more
80 000

Offer of employment

You will be required to provide a current job offer in your nominated occupation to support your visa nomination application if:

If required, you must provide evidence of a current Victorian job offer in your nominated occupation and a Confirmation of Employment form to support your visa nomination application.

Applicants who are currently working in their nominated occupation in Victoria and have been for at least six months may be exempt from meeting higher English language requirements specified for their occupation and should therefore apply for visa nomination.   

To provide evidence of your job offer, you should provide a contract or letter of offer from your employer which includes your employer’s Australian Business Number (ABN) and contact details.  The employment must be in your nominated occupation for permanent (not casual) work, for at least 20 hours per week, and for at least six continuous months.

Your commitment to Victoria

You must commit to living and working in Victoria for at least two years. If you are currently living in another Australian state, you must provide a current Victorian job offer in your nominated occupation to support your visa nomination application.


You and your agent (if applicable) must read, understand and sign the Victorian visa nomination declaration in order to be considered for Victorian Government nomination. View the Skilled Nominated (190) visa declaration form.

Detailed resume or curriculum vitae (CV)

Your CV is a critical document used to assess your suitability for Victorian visa nomination. It must provide evidence of your skills and work experience and a detailed, chronological list of all relevant employment.

You should take the time to ensure your CV is professionally presented, descriptive and provides our assessors and industry advisors with a comprehensive reflection of your skills, work readiness, employment history and work experience. You should explain any gaps in employment.

Your CV should be around three to four pages long and must include:

  • detailed descriptions of relevant tasks and responsibilities performed within all employment
  • dates of employment (including month and year)
  • dates of education and training.

A relevant job offer from a Victorian employer can provide evidence of your work readiness and employability.

Your application will be refused if your CV is too brief or does not include these details. If your application is refused, you must wait for six months after the application has been closed before you are eligible to reapply.

See our sample CV for a guide on preparing your CV.

Skills assessment

A skills assessment must match the occupation you have nominated and is a required document at the time of lodging your visa nomination application.

To find out where you can have your skills assessed, go to the Skills assessment and assessing authorities section on the DIBP website.

DIBP requirements

Successfully attaining Victorian visa nomination does not guarantee that you will be granted an Australian visa. You must also meet DIBP’s eligibility requirements for the Skilled Nominated (190) visa.

How to apply for Victorian visa nomination: ICT occupations

New application process for ICT occupations

Due to the high number of ICT applications that Victoria receives, we have changed our application process for ICT occupations. The aim of this is to reduce processing times and hopefully improve your experience with our program.  To apply for Victorian nomination (in ICT occupations), follow these steps:

1. Check you meet the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s (DIBP) Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) requirements and Victoria’s minimum nomination requirements.

2. Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) in DIBP’s SkillSelect, and indicate your interest for Victorian nomination. You do not need to notify Victoria that you have submitted an EOI. Note that if you already have an EOI in the SkillSelect system (submitted before 1 July 2017), it will be considered for Victorian nomination. You will not need to resubmit it.

3. Regularly check your email (including your junk mail folder) to see if you have been selected by Victoria. There is no set timeframe to expect an invitation after submitting an EOI. Invitations are not guaranteed. If selected, an email invitation to apply for Victorian visa nomination will be sent to your email address used for the EOI.

4. Submit an online application for Victorian visa nomination within 14 days of receiving the invitation. Note that you must be able to demonstrate that you still meet the claims that were in your EOI when you were invited. We recommend that you have all your supporting documents ready before you submit your EOI in SkillSelect, as the 14 days cannot be extended.

5. If you are successfully nominated by the Victorian Government, you will receive a SkillSelect invitation to apply for the Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190).

6. Submit a visa application to DIBP within 60 days of being nominated by Victoria.

Selection considerations    

The Victorian Government will review and select the top ranking ICT candidates from SkillSelect, who have indicated Victoria as their preferred state.  Candidates who are selected to apply are still required to meet Victoria’s minimum eligibility requirements, including demonstrating employability and commitment to Victoria, and are not guaranteed nomination.

If you are not selected by the Victorian Government, you will not receive an email. Your EOI will continue to be considered for as long as it remains in DIBP’s SkillSelect system.

Exemptions from this process

This application process is for ICT occupations only. However, if you are an ICT applicant and currently hold an offer of employment in your nominated occupation in Victoria, or meet the streamlined 457 or PhD pathway, you are exempt from this process and can lodge a Victorian visa nomination application directly without first being selected by Victoria. 

How to apply for Victorian visa nomination: All other occupations

There are five steps to be considered for Victorian visa nomination. Meeting the minimum eligibility requirements is the first step, and does not guarantee an offer of visa nomination.

1. Check the minimum eligibility requirements for Victorian visa nomination

Refer to the Minimum eligibility requirements section.

2. Prepare your documents

When you lodge your online application, you must provide:

  • a detailed resume or CV
  • Victorian visa nomination declaration
  • a skills assessment
  • English language test results (if applicable)
  • offer of employment (if applicable).

You may be requested to provide additional documents if your application proceeds in the selection process. These documents can include:

  • trade qualification/certificates
  • education transcripts
  • evidence of licensing.

If these documents are requested, you will be given reasonable time to provide them.

You can submit scanned copies of these documents as part of your online visa nomination application. We do not require hard copies of any documents. Alternatively, you can email these documents to

3. Lodge your nomination application

You can lodge your application for Victorian nomination online and submit your supporting documents through our online application system.

If you experience technical difficulties, email

Fees and charges

There is no application fee for Victorian visa nomination.

Family members and dependants

Include any dependants in the online visa nomination application that you intend to include on your visa application.

4. Confirm acceptance of visa nomination offer


SkillSelect is an online system that enables skilled workers interested in migrating to Australia to record their details to be considered for a skilled visa through an Expression of Interest (EOI). Visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection's SkillSelect website to find out more information.

Victorian visa nomination is valid for four months from the date of the nomination notification email.  Within this time period you will need to lodge an EOI through SkillSelect, selecting Victoria as your preference, and notify Victoria of this.

If you have registered your EOI on SkillSelect and you are nominated by the Victorian Government, you will automatically receive an invitation to apply, subject to occupation ceilings.  

If we do not receive your valid EOI reference number within the four month period, your application will expire and your file will be closed.

5. Lodge your visa application

When you lodge your visa application with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), notify the Victorian Government.

DIBP is responsible for issuing and administering all Australian visas. Contact DIBP directly or visit the DIBP website for information about lodging your visa application, visa requirements, obligations and processing times.

6. Notify us of your visa outcome

As part of your visa nomination commitment, you must notify us of your visa outcome by emailing:

Processing time

The average processing time for Victorian skilled visa nomination applications is currently 12 weeks. This may vary depending on the occupation and in some instances, it may take longer to assess applications. You will be notified of the outcome of your visa nomination application by email.

Assessment criteria

Meeting the minimum eligibility criteria for Victorian visa nomination is the first step in the assessment processes, however it does not guarantee an application will be successful.

Every application for visa nomination is assessed individually with a focus on your ability to address a number of assessment criteria, including:

  • your ability to meet the minimum eligibility criteria,
  • the demand for your particular skills and expertise, and your ability to find work in Victoria,
  • the suitability and transferability of your qualifications, skills and experience - including any specialist capabilities - to the needs of Victoria’s labour market, and
  • your ability and commitment to establishing yourself, and any dependants, in Victoria with a view to your prospects for long-term settlement in Victoria.

Applicants who best meet the assessment criteria are offered visa nomination.  Meeting the minimum eligibility criteria does not guarantee visa nomination.

Your visa nomination obligations

Notification of visa grant and arrival

You must email us with notification of DIBP’s decision on your visa application. You must also notify us by email when you arrive in Victoria, if applicable.

Live and work in Victoria for two years

You, and any nominated dependants, must live in Victoria for the first two years of your visa. This two year period begins when you enter Australia permanently on the Skilled Nominated (190) visa, or if you are already onshore, when the visa is granted by DIBP.

Complete five email surveys

There are five short surveys that you must complete over the two year period. The surveys will be sent to you via email.

You will receive your first survey when you arrive in Australia, or when your skilled visa is activated. You will then receive one survey every six months.

The responses and feedback in the surveys are used to evaluate and improve the Victorian Government’s Skilled and Business Migration Program.


While we hope you are able to find work in your nominated occupation, it is not mandatory to work in your nominated occupation.