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Get Connected, Get a Job

Did you know that a large amount of jobs in Australia are not advertised?

So, how do Australians find jobs? Many people in Australia find jobs through their network of colleagues, family, friends, education institutions, industry association and by developing a good relationship with recruitment agencies. Many employers would rather hire someone through their network than through a lengthy and often expensive advertising process. These unadvertised jobs are often called the ‘the hidden job market’.

In Victoria, there are a number of ways to find jobs in the hidden job market. Government departments, education institutions, industry associations and other professional associations offer employment forums and networks to help you understand the Victorian workplace and find a job. They can also help you manage your career, further your education and connect you with other professionals in your field.

Professional industry associations and networking

Professional industry associations represent the interests of their members and they provide networking opportunities, business advice and support, training and education, as well as advocacy on behalf of the industry.

Visit our Victorian Industries section to find the professional associations in your sector. Find out how to become a member so you can start attending networking events and seminars and get the latest information about your industry and potential employers. Connect to your industry before you arrive and learn as much as you can about how the Victorian industry operates.

Get job ready for Victorian employers

The following courses are designed for migrants who want to improve their English skills and learn how to find a job in Victoria. Some of these courses also offer work experience placements with Australian businesses. Work experience is a great way to network, gain valuable Australian experience and can help further your career.

  • English as a Second Language Programs and Adult Migrant English Program - Holmesglen offers courses in English as a second language and intensive courses in English language for accounting, engineering, health, business and teaching professionals. The Adult Migrant English Program is a program that teaches English to people from non-English speaking backgrounds who have newly arrived in Australia and who cannot communicate effectively in English.
  • English Language Intensive Courses – Box Hill Institute. This course will develop your English language skills by listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.
    Only English is spoken in the classroom. Language skills are developed using communicative and integrated techniques.
  • Skilled Professional Migrants Program - AMES. Provides a Skilled Professional Migrant program that includes information about the Australian job market and will guide you through the job application process.
  • OBP Australia is a service for overseas born professionals seeking to secure employment or advance their career in Australia.  They assist professionals from a variety of industries including engineering, business administration, accounting, banking & finance, IT, research and development, education and architecture & design.
  • Overseas Qualified Professionals Program - Melbourne Polytechnic has an Overseas Qualified Professionals (OQP) course that provides an introduction to the Australian workplace and labour market and the opportunity to undertake an industry placement.
The information or services, and the views expressed that may appear on any linked websites are not necessarily endorsed by the Skilled and Business Migration Program and the Victorian Government. It is recommended that you make your own inquiries as to the appropriateness and suitability of the information on this site for your particular circumstances.