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Living in Victoria

A couple and their two children outside their family restaurant

Melbourne and Regional Victoria

Information and interactive maps of Melbourne and the different regions of Victoria, Australia.

Cost of Living

Information on the cost of living in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Useful for people looking to live and work in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Victoria's Housing and Property

Information on accommodation, housing and property in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Transport and Driving

Information on transportation in Victoria, including public transport, driving, car hire and car purchase.

Victoria's Healthcare and Medical Services

Information on the healthcare system in Victoria, Australia, including information on finding a doctor and paying for healthcare.

About Victoria

General information & facts about Victoria and Australia including the government, entertainment, sports, banking, media and communications.

Relocation Checklist

Relocation checklists to use for migrants who move to Victoria. Checklists for preparing for departure and arriving in Victoria.