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State Nominated Significant Investor (Provisional) visa (subclass 188C)

The Commonwealth Government has temporarily suspended the application process for the Significant Investor visa (SIV). They have announced a new complying investment framework (PDF, 139KB) for the SIV, due to be implemented from 1 July 2015. Updates will be posted on this website as they come to hand, including confirmation of the SIV starting date.

More information about the new complying investment framework is available on the Austrade website.

Change of Complying Investment

Any intended change to a previously nominated investment choice(s) after state nomination must be subject to approval from the Victorian State Government business migration office via the Change of Complying Investment Form (PDF, 890 KB).

You will also need to supply:

For managed funds -

For private company/ies -

  • A business investment plan from the private company. See an example business investment plan (DOC, 100.5 KB) from a private company which shows what is required
  • An acknowledgement that the applicant has assessed the offer and intends to pursue it.  See an example acknowledgement (DOC, 34.5 KB) which shows what is required.

Failure to receive prior approval for an intended investment change may adversely impact upon the maintenance of or future granting of state nomination support.