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Visa Nomination for Victoria

Visa nomination from the Victorian Government can help you meet the requirements for an Australian visa.

What is visa nomination?

Some visas require you to have nomination from a state or territory government, or sponsorship from an eligible relative. The Victorian Government offers visa nomination to selected overseas skilled workers and business people with skill-sets and business acumen required in Victoria.

Visa nomination provides support for your application for some General Skilled Migration or Business visas. There is no charge for Victorian visa nomination.

Victorian Government visa nomination is NOT a visa application; it can only assist you in meeting the requirements for Australian visas. To apply for a visa you must contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) which manages the Australian visa application and approval process. Visa nomination does not guarantee you will be granted a visa.

Skilled visa nomination

The Victorian Government can nominate highly skilled and employable professionals and tradespeople with occupations, skills and experience that are hard to come by in Victoria’s labour market. Victoria participates in the following visa nomination programs:

Victoria’s Visa Nomination Occupation Lists identify eligible occupations and minimum requirements to apply for visa nomination including English language and work experience requirements, and specialisations.

Limited nomination places are available and Victorian visa nomination is only offered to the most highly skilled and employable applicants. Refer to Victoria’s Assessment Criteria for detailed information about how nomination applications are assessed for Victoria.

Business visa nomination

The Victorian Government can nominate business visa applicants to encourage a particular business or business person to Australia.

All Business, Innovation and Investment visas require visa government nomination.

See the list of Business, Innovation and Investment visa types on the Business visas page.

Other sponsorship

You can also be sponsored by an employer or a family member. For more information on these visas visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection's website.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection's visa finder can also help you to identify the most appropriate visa for your circumstances.

Is there an application fee for visa nomination?

There is NO charge for Victorian Government visa nomination.

How do I know if I qualify for Victorian visa nomination?

To be eligible for Victorian Government visa nomination, you must:

  • meet the Department of Immigration and Border Protection's basic requirements
  • meet Victorian Government minimum eligibility requirements for a nominated business visa, or one of the following visa nomination programs:
  • be able to address all assessment criteria in your application if you are applying for visa nomination for a skilled visa.

If you are eligible to apply for visa nomination, you can lodge an application on-line at Apply for visa nomination.

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